3 Winning factors to attract the attention of users


When it comes to smartphone ads, our brains process them much faster. 67% of users take only 0.4 seconds to view an ad on their smartphone and less than 1 second to process it. These are the results of the study conducted by Mobile Cognition Research, for which analysis techniques such as eye-tracking and electroencephalogram were used.

For this reason it is essential to capture the user's attention from the first moment. In the past, the digital relationship of brands with the public was mostly from desktop, but currently, more than 90% of interactions are from smartphones. Companies must therefore adapt their communication according to the behavior of "mobile users", whose attention is increasingly limited. The objectives, however, are clear: to involve and retain.

What are the elements necessary to attract attention?

- Color. It is essential to incorporate it into the message because it is the first thing the brain detects, between the tenth and the hundredth millisecond.

- Simplicity. There are two elements that must be taken into consideration: the advertisement and the platform with which it is presented to the user. It has been shown that the most effective way to do this is to either show a complex ad in a clean environment, or a simple ad in a complex environment. These combinations are the ones that generate the most impact.

- Movement. The study shows that movement can generate more emotion, which is why ads that incorporate videos create a greater emotional response than a static ad.

Nonetheless, most videos do not fully exploit their potential. The most effective must have the following characteristics:

- Capture attention through colors, faces and texts. This makes it easier for the brain to focus on the message.

- Contain subtitles. They are essential considering that 85% of mobile phone ads are displayed without audio. The texts prevent the user from diverting attention.

Other formats that get positive results:

- 3D cubes, voice control and augmented reality guarantee user attention for up to 46 seconds. In this sense, technology is an ally to create memorable experiences that have a significant emotional impact.

- The combination of an external action with the smartphone generates a greater predisposition to purchase. Online and offline go hand in hand.

- Gamification, and more specifically interactive mini-games, are perceived very positively by the public and help generate engagement with brands.

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