Ways to manage customer data


Ways to manage customer data and build lasting relationships

Managing customer information represents an advantageous strategy to establish a strong connection with them, based on commitment and communication. You will be able to know their behaviors and habits and make decisions accordingly.

In this article, you will learn why Permission Marketing is essential to segment and communicate with your customer (First Strategic Step of Convergent Marketingâ): analyze your audience and manage their data to convert them into recurring customers.

1. CRM to help us building a long lasting relationship with customers

- CRM PLATFORM: the place where we store the most critical data while communicating with customers. Think about creating a family and buying a house, similarly while creating a solid relationship with loyal customers, we need a CRM.

- ADA's ALGORITHM allows you to manage your customer data and understand their behavior to extract valuable information and create experiential content that will make them feel unique. You will also be able to identify which contacts are more willing to purchase.

- COLLECT VALUABLE INFORMATION FROM YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS so that they will more likely choose you. Imagine how special they would feel if you remembered their birthdays and sent them emails with a 25% discount or inviting them to eat in a restaurant! It's a great way to get them to come back to you and recommend you to friends and family!

- GATHER QUALITY INFORMATION FROM YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS so that they become loyal and they will more likely choose you. Make them feel like you really care. Imagine how special they would feel if you sent them an email with a 25% discount celebrating their birthday in their favourite restaurant! This way, they'll recommend your brand to others as well.

2. Prepare a customer`s list and import it in a CRM

- Create a CUSTOMER LIST for each User Personas and acquisition source using a .xls or .csv file. Each User Personas will have different preferences and habits, depending on the channel used.

- Before starting the communication, IMPORT THIS LIST INTO THE CRM to segment customers into different groups of contacts.

3. Make sure they give their consent

- THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN THE GAME OF DIGITAL COMMUNICATION is that all your potential customers authorize you, through the completion of contact forms, to process their data.

- Obtaining the EXPLICIT CONSENT from your potential customers is mandatory, before sending them any communication for advertising or promotional purposes, or market research.

- CHECK THE CONSENT WHEN IMPORTING THE LIST. In ADA, consent for marketing communications and profiling is essential. ADA can also manage the acquisition of consent for disclosure to third parties, as well as processing sensitive data, depending on the company's needs.

- ADA IS 100% GDPR COMPLIANT. If contacts do not provide us with their data or prefer to disable communications (i.e., unsubscriptions), ADA immediately notifies us!

4. Verify emails

- CHECK YOUR CONTACTS EMAIL ADDRESSES. All your emails must be verified before they are sent, as they may compromise the reputation and quality of your database.

- START VERIFYING your contacts email addresses. It would be best if you did, once you completed the import procedure and before your first Email Marketing Campaign.

- REPEAT THIS PROCEDURE PERIODICALLY, that is to say, each time you add a new group of contacts or launch a new email campaign. In doing so, you'll keep your database clean, secure, and up-to-date.

5. Segment your clients into groups

- CREATE GROUPS FROM YOUR DATABASE. Segment contacts into different groups or lists; in order to forward your clients the best content they currently prefer.

- MANAGE YOUR CUSTOMER DATA EFFECTIVELY. A well-organized Customer Base allows you to send customized messages to each segment, thus driving conversion rates up.

- EACH SEGMENT IS DIFFERENT. Each segment needs a different treatment and a bespoken message; for this reason, it should be positioned in the corresponding group.

- HOW TO SEGMENT GROUPS? Each type of customer belongs to a different group in the database. Each group will have different behaviors and needs. Therefore, you will send a separate communication to each group.

Do you want to manage your customer data and refine the segmentation?

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