Useful tools for launching Convergent Marketing campaigns that make conversions


1. Landing Page AMP, to reduce loading time

- WHY LANDING AMP? It is the most customizable, intuitive and easy to use landing page. Thanks to drag and drop, you can enrich this "blank canvas" with visual elements and CTAs, fully showing you all your creativity.

- GOOGLE TECHNOLOGY LANDING AMP. Create a native landing page for mobile devices using Google technology. Landing AMP is able to meet the needs of both merchants, who can start from a blank canvas for content creation, and those of users, who will view the Landing in record time from any device.

- REDUCES CHARGING TIME. Highly customizable upload speeds and templates are the two key elements in optimizing the mobile customer experience and, consequently, increasing conversion rates.

2.Landing Leads, to increase conversions

- ATTRACT YOUR LEADS. To attract your potential customers and guide them to the desired action, you can choose between 3 types of prompts.

CTA "free" to allow the user to submit their data;

CTA "click to download" to allow users to download a file when launching data;

The "Click to call back" CTA specifies the purchase of the potential phone number (if it requests immediate information because it is really interested in your product).

- GET CONCRETE RESULTS. Design a 100% compatible landing potential with mobile devices in just a few steps and turn them into customers. You can insert traditional forms or you can amaze your visitors by integrating a ChatBot, which will acquire all the data during a simple conversation. Enrich the forms with custom fields, which you can make mandatory if necessary, or mark as sensitive if necessary to obtain sensitive user data.

You can also enable the auto-fill option to make it easier to fill in fields using social profile information.

- SECURE CUSTOMER DATA. The landing driver gives priority to GDPR regulations because it is designed to ask users for only the necessary data, based on communication objectives. You can choose which consents to activate between marketing activities, profiling, communication to third parties and the processing of sensitive data.

3. Landing Survey, to know what the contacts are interested in

- DESIGN A MOBILE LANDING SURVEY AND QUALIFY YOUR LEADS. You can create Landing, specifically to create surveys and learn more about potential customers and your customers. You will know what type of content generates the most interest, to process relevant communications and classify contacts (hot, warm and cold potential customers ), based on interactions with your content.

- TWO TYPES OF DISCHARGE INVESTIGATION. The landing survey created with the ADA allows you to associate multiple-choice (single or multiple-answer) answers with a text box, drop-down menu, and simple-question assessment scale. You can also decide to create a dynamic survey and add a contact form to the survey. The dynamic survey allows you to develop dynamic paths, differentiating the questions based on the answers provided previously. In this way, the needs of the contacts can be assessed more completely and more precisely.

- REWARD CONTACTS USING THE SURVEY. You can reward contacts who responded to the survey by sending them a personalized discount coupon, which they will automatically receive via SMS. In this way, you will increase your chances of loyalty, while obtaining more valuable information about your contacts.

4. Landing Page Deal, to create offers

- INCREASES MOBILE SALES. This landing is designed to create offers and allow users to purchase a product or service directly from their smartphone.

Enter the number of products available - which will automatically scale each time a user buys - as well as the price of the product and the start and end date of the promotion.

5. Landing Booking ,, for immediate reservations

- PERSONALIZED OFFERS AND POSSIBILITY TO BOOK. With a single click, users can book a product or service or proceed directly with the purchase. The countdown to the time the promotion is active is an additional incentive for conversion. You can also benefit from ChatBot help to answer any customer questions in real time.

6. Landing Social Coupon, to keep your customers

With the Social Landing coupon you can offer users discount coupons to get them to interact with your brand. The coupon code is sent via SMS after the user has filled in the form fields. It's a smart way to get email addresses and cell phone numbers of potential customers and give a gift or discount on future purchases in exchange for this information.

7. Landing Promotion, to promote experiential content


Make your brand known by integrating into Landing Promotion, StoryTelling or MovieTelling and present your top products / services in an innovative and captivating way. I would be more likely to be contacted, due to the wide range of CTAs available.

8. Landing MFlyer, to increase direct sales


This solution allows you to create a virtual flyer, a kind of interactive catalog, in 100% native Landing Page and mobile format, to explain all the features of your products and attract users to buy. You can add different products to your catalog, show stock, and incorporate a Paypal payment gateway. This way, you will increase your chances of selling immediately.

9. Landing Donation, to start solidarity campaigns.

It is a Landing with a simple template, specific for making donations. You will be able to promote solidarity initiatives through the oral word of mouth and you can track donations made with the amount, date and time of the donation. Check the "Share" option to make this solidarity landing viral and make sure more users join the cause.

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