Think with Google’s 10 most-read articles of 2020.


2020 saw huge shifts in people's behavior, including how they shopped, where they socialized, and how they chose entertainment. For marketers, these changes meant new strategies enacted on the fly. But it also presented an opportunity for marketers to show their value as team players dedicated to helping customers. Take a look at the articles that helped marketers thrive in this topsy-turvy year.

1.5 principles guiding Google's media teams during the pandemic;

2. How people decide what to buy lies in the 'messy middle' of the purchase journey;

3. It's time to unbias your business. Here's how;

4. How to stay on top of market trends in a dynamic environment;

5. What does it take to create an inclusive campaign?

6. Crisis marketing: How brands are addressing the coronavirus;

7. 3 things we're considering as we rethink live events;

8. Do's and don'ts for marketing measurement during a pandemic;

9. How brands can help during the coronavirus pandemic;

10. The CMO's changing mandate.

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