The marketer playbook for privacy


The marketer's playbook for navigating today's privacy environment

Growing user concerns about privacy have set in motion a series of changes that will reshape the digital advertising industry for years to come. Working as a digital marketer can seem a lot more complicated these days, especially with the added uncertainty that many are feeling due to COVID-19. But some marketers have managed to turn these changes and challenges into opportunities. By testing more privacy-forward strategies and evolving their practices, they've managed to accomplish their marketing goals - in some cases, more successfully than before - while respecting people's preferences for privacy.

To help guide you through today's privacy landscape, google has created a game manual that collects best practices and case studies from this advanced marketing group.

In this playbook, you'll learn how to:

1. Build direct relationships with your users by offering value in exchange for their data, and developing clear privacy policies that put users in control.

2. Be flexible with how you market and measure results by finding options to engage your audience when personalization is limited, and relying on different methods to report on campaign performance when conversion tracking is constrained.

3. Manage data and discover insights using cloud technology so that you can predict outcomes and analyze detailed campaign data without compromising user privacy.

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