About how to connect with new customers, achieving the intention


Lead gen really often involves complex individual journeys with a lot of touchpoints.

Let me give you a very simple example of that. So car insurance.Our research shows that the purchase process for car insurance can take over a hundred days,

220 digital touchpoints. So what's important in those journeys is that they really show signals of the customer intent.

Specific type of insurance, the features that they're interested in. And given how long and complicated these journeys can get,our most successful advertisers really focus on these signals to create the best lead gen strategies. So as people are spending more time online,

they're searching a lot more and they're searching differently. So, that means those signals of intent are changing a lot.

And there's a really big opportunity for our businesses to connect with new customers and really increase their lead volume.

We know from consumers, those who've tried new brands since the pandemic, more than half of them said they had to do it out of necessity.

Just a simple example that really brings this to life: telemedicine. Alright there's been an incredible surge in telemedicine,

much higher demand. And so typically, an advertiser or telemed business would just be looking at keywords.

But now they would add geolocation as a way to refine that customer search.

We also see successful businesses use a whole new variety of ways to reach their customers.

That could be web forms, chat, email, phone, in place of the in-person visits that have slowed down so significantly.

Getting quality leads has always been the number one challenge for businesses.

70% of marketers will tell you working on lead gen means improving the quality leads is the most important objective for their lead gen strategies.

The first part of the interview given by MARY ELLEN COE, President of Google Customer Solutions - to Natalie Zmuda, Global Executive Editor, Think with Google - <interview review>

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