How Sephora gave its app a customer-first makeover


How Sephora gave its app a customer-first makeover

Andrew Birgiolas / July 2020

My team, which sits at the intersection of product design, UX, and research, is always hunting for ways to meet those expectations by delivering frictionless, delightful user experiences.

In 2019, we conducted dozens of usability studies and were surprised to find out that our app wasn't giving users a great experience, due in part to an outdated navigation. We took that insight seriously and began to rethink our app experience from the ground up. We didn't treat any feature as sacred - our mission was to redesign the app to put our loyal customers first.

1. Build a culture of testing. Prepare to be humbled

2. New feature? Don't just cram it in. Think holistically

3. Knock down the silos. Include everyone in the process App design is a team sport

App design is a team sport

The principles above enabled us to deliver on all our customers' needs. But I think the biggest factor was our ability to bring everyone - including engineers, business partners, marketing, and product management - into the process. Being as transparent and collaborative as possible helped build the necessary support across the organization to get the final product right

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