Wy?Marketing automation with ADA X


Simple, automatic and measurable. Acquiring, converting and improving opportunities is vital to having a quality database. These processes require time and resources that companies do not normally have.

Marketing automation with ADA X allows an automation of communication processes, optimizing times of interaction with the public, by eliminating monotonous and repetitive operations. Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and lead segmentation that reduce the margin of error and costs of each campaign.

Convert more efficiently

ADA X increases your ability to influence users' purchasing decisions and guide them through the process. Plan your strategy, create content, and build a workflow in a few simple steps. Set up an efficient conversion path and enrich your database with qualified contacts using the platform's segmentation capabilities. Finally, automatically distribute your content at predefined intervals based on your needs.

Full integration and easy use

Landing Pages, StoryTellings and MovieTelling modules, Chatbot and, in fact, all ADA X tools can be integrated into your marketing automation workflow so that your marketing campaigns achieve optimal conversion rates. Acquiring Leads is based on a solid marketing campaign strategy. Content is distributed automatically, after our Lead Scoring tool classifies the actions and behaviors of different opportunities.
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