Experiential vertical content


How to delight your customers with experiential vertical content

Want to know how to excite your customers in Digital Marketing Campaigns? In this post we will explain in depth how you can use emotional marketing and vertically converged content to be more successful in your social media and email marketing campaigns. You will be able to delight your customers with the Vertical Content experience, reaching their subconscious, through the MovieTellings and StoryTellings techniques .

You will understand why Vertical Content can cross the screen to make your potential customer fall in love, as we saw in the third episode of the Convergent Marketing On Air Webinars cycle .

1. Why is the key to excite your customers?

- THE POWER OF EMOTIONAL MARKETING: Marketing has become emotional. at twenty-four frames per second. In cinema, we talk about the power of images to channel emotions through frames of 24 consecutive images per second. In marketing, the same thing happens, we have the power to excite our potential customers and create an experience (product and brand) that they will never forget. How? Telling them a story that moves them and makes them feel complicit in the plot.

- What happens WHEN THE CASE? You will create a need for your potential client, who did not have it before or who has been thinking for some time and now feels more real.

"Our habits as consumers have changed due to Smartphone and vertical and experimental content"

- CONSUMER HABITS have changed R: Consumer habits have changed due to the smartphone and vertical and experimental content. And with that, the way we communicate. The format and content influence how our potential customer perceives the brand experience.

-EMOTIONAL FROM MOBILE : Our convergent marketing methodology is based on the transition from mobile to social networks, where our potential customers spend most of their time using vertical content. This is the key to increase conversions immediately.

- Tell a CHANCE: You can tell a story through a MovieTelling or StoryTelling . It will be very effective in motivating management to take action.

2. Evolve to convergent and vertical content to impact and excite your customers

- SNAPCHAT was the pioneering social network in creating vertical stories to share unique and unforgettable moments in 2011. A stage that penetrated Digital Marketing and marked the way to convert customers, creating a new concept and content format , Vertical and experimental content.

- FACEBOOK tried to buy Snapchat, because it was aware of the revolution that the consumer will cause. However, they did not reach an agreement. Thus, Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, incorporating Vertical Content with 9:16 stories to be delighted.

- TIKTOK Faced with this error, TikTok appeared in 2017, based exclusively on emotional content, creating memories from music and vertical content experiences.

3. What is experiential and vertical content?

- THE EXPERIENCE OF THE CONTENT is the cognitive result between the brand and the potential customer, in which the emotional, visual, textual part intervenes, which tries to provoke a lead reaction through the content. If the reaction is positive and emotions arise, an emotional connection is created between the brand and the customer

- HOW DO WE PERCEIVE THE CONTENT ? The way we perceive the content influences the experience, that's why we have to take care of its appearance. This is the key for it to catch us and take us further into the buying process. It's about converting through emotional and knowing how to communicate the message correctly with a MovieTelling or StoryTelling.

"The information we receive is more interesting if it's in a vertical format. It's what we know as vertical content."

- ADAPT THE CONTENT OF THE VERTICA L FORMAT : The lead will perceive the information on the full screen, in a comfortable way, without interruption, making it seem caught and completely delighted by the experience of the content.

- CREATE AN IMMERSIVE MESSAGE that captures the attention of the potential customer more efficiently and more concisely. The impact will be immediate. You will stand out from the competition, provoking reactions and exciting our potential customer.

- CAUSE A REACTION: The vertical content causes a full reaction to visual stimuli and generates a need, with greater chances of immediate conversions.

- Your customers will connect with the brand: customers vs. they will feel a part of your brand with every microcontent and landmark. So much so that they will want to share their incredible experience of vertical content on social networks, this will be the first step to becoming brand ambassadors.

4. How to create more effective digital marketing campaigns with experiential vertical content ?

- VERTICAL CONTENT IS THE STATE OF YOUR CAMPAIGN : In MovieTelling, vertical content is the main protagonist of the story. In it, the message is short and concise (minimum 15 seconds and maximum 30 seconds). His direct tone, which encourages action, going to the weak point of the Buyer's Person, asking thoughtful questions. This will cause the impact to be immediate.

- USE THE 9:16 FORMAT : For MovieTellings and StoryTellings, it is essential to take up 100% of the screen space and capture the advantage, without interruption, making the message stop longer and clearer.

- STORY USE : StoryTelling will help you tell the story that is being revealed and get your potential customers to share the experience.

- PLAN a STORYBOARD: For MovieTelling and StoryTelling, we need to plan a Storyboard. What is the story you are going to tell? What kind of photography will you use to make your message more effective and move across the screen to delight your potential customer?

- SUPER POWER OF IMAGES. You have to take into account the superior power of synthetic images to convey a key brand concept, in StoryTelling will predominate

Visual and chromatic homogeneity as the main characters in the history of your brand, to give greater cohesion and strength to the message.

- THE SLOGAN DEFINES THE PERSONALITY OF THE CONTENT : In your case, the concept of the message defines what we want to convey with vertical content, both with StoryTelling and MovieTelling. And it is the fact that microcontents and keywords attract attention at first sight, directly affecting the reptilian brain. It will be effective when it manages to incite and motivate management to carry out an action.

You want to create your own MovieTelling and StoryTelling to be successful

from your Digital Marketing campaign?