Customer Data



A new generation of software is making its way into the digital landscape. It is the traditional evolution of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and DMP (Data Management Platform), but with greater potential.

Customer Data Platforms are platforms designed to collect all data and information available to customers and to transform them into a single integrated, complete, open and easily accessible database for other systems and / or platforms.


- are designed for marketing needs

- focus on converting and retaining the customer base

- use data from the first and second part

- can be enriched with third party data

Customer Data Platforms thus become the keystone for understanding the Customer Journey, personalizing the communication message and automating campaigns.

ADA X is enriched with a Customer Data Platform s of customers. At a historic time when brands and entrepreneurs needed, as never before, to acquire a culture of data.

Welcome to the ADA X customer data platform: the revolution in your marketing and communication strategies
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