Why will the consumer experience depend on AI in 2030?


What will the customer experience be like in a decade? It will depend on the attitude of the users, the commitment of the companies and how they relate to each other.

Forecasts indicate that in 10 years, 69% of the decisions made after the interaction between the user and the company will be taken by intelligent machines. These are the conclusions of the Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience report (by Futurum Research, sponsored by SAS).

WHAT USERS THINK - According to consumers, what will the economic scenario of 2030 be like? What will technology be capable of?

- 79% of users expect to wear tech clothing to control their devices. Elegant clothes, jewelry or accessories.

- 80% plan to use virtual assistants (Alexa, Google Home, Siri ...) to shop online or control their smart home.

- 8 out of 10 imagine accepting a product that arrives via drone.

- 81% expect to interact with chatbots.

WHAT COMPANIES THINK - It is not just users who have their minds projected towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). The same is true for companies. In the same study, the companies consulted believe that machine learning, predictive analytics and AI will be very important for customer loyalty. They also show that they are willing to invest in this type of technology:

62% of brands are investing in voice assistants, 54% in augmented and virtual reality (to show the features and use of their products) and 83% plan to invest in holographic technology (there are companies that already use, such as Louis Vuitton, Roland Garros, Nike or Coca Cola).

Why will AI be so important?

> Because it provides better customer service

- provides accurate answers to user problems

- anticipates their needs

- generates value

- is immediate

> Because it allows you to automate campaigns

- Marketing Automation allows you to design very effective campaigns, in which the machines are programmed to intelligently collect millions of available data, and then use this information to draw conclusions that will improve the efficiency and profitability of future campaigns.

> Because it favors personalized interactions

- Microsoft, for example, is studying how to improve the detection of its customers' emotions by machines, based on the interpretation of their tone of voice or their facial expressions. The goal is to offer more pleasant, personalized and effective experiences through technological solutions
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