7 digital marketing trends and predictions for 2021


1. A new era of data ethics

If there's one thing I've learned this year, it's that online tools have been a lifeline. As more people go online, protecting privacy and data is even more important. People expect brands to protect their data and be clear about how they use it and what they offer in return.

The industry is adapting to meet people's needs, and in 2021, the conversation around data ethics will turn into action for many brands. The whole digital ecosystem only works if people can trust it. Data ethics is a process of choosing what is right for people, rather than a basic level of compliance. This is a complex subject, but companies care about it and want to do it well. At Google, we think of data ethics as a set of principles that inform everything we do.

A recent survey of Google customers in the EMEA showed that the vast majority are now discussing data ethics at the management level. One in five says they have created a Center of Excellence for Privacy - a senior team focused on data privacy - that has prepared them for regulatory changes.

<Matt Brittin Presedintele EMEA Business & Operations ,Google>

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