Acquire leads from any channel

The smartphone has become the first point of contact between consumers and companies. Getting the attention of potential customers via Mobile means increasing the reach of your Marketing strategies.

All you need to manage your Lead Generation campaigns is contained in a single platform. SMS , Email , Landing Pages , StoryTelling , vertical videos ( MovieTelling ), ChatBot , Opt-in Tool , each ADA tool is designed to acquire user data and aim for an immediate conversion, using the most used device in the world to navigate on the internet: the smartphone.

From potential contact to loyal customer

Acquiring a new contact and transforming it into a customer in the shortest possible time is the dream of every marketer. With ADA, this process becomes simpler and more effective, thanks to the possibility of integrating and binding together different digital contents, all oriented towards conversion. Whatever the tool you want to use to get in touch with your audience, you can collect user information in a simple and safe way. The acquired data will be automatically stored in dedicated groups and will be immediately ready for subsequent Mobile Marketing campaigns.

Attract, convert , conclude and measure

The importance of a profiled user base becomes increasingly necessary for business communication. Imagine that you want to acquire new qualified contacts through a promotional offer. How many software would you need? How long should you spend? How many resources should you use?

You only need one platform

With ADA you can make a vertical video (MovieTelling) to present the promotion, enrich it with interactive Call to Action and send it via SMS or Email. Connect each CTAs to another Mobile content, such as a ChatBot, a Landing Page, or a browsable story (StoryTelling), and insert a contact form in each one to acquire the data of the users interested in the offer. You just have to measure the results that your Lead Generation campaign has generated. All this using a single platform, capable of saving you time and resources.


Simple, automatic and measurable

Acquiring, converting and feeding Leads is fundamental to building a qualified database. But these activities require time and resources which are too often in short supply in the company.

Convert more effectively and efficiently

With ADA Marketing Automation you strengthen your ability to influence users' purchasing decisions and guide them along the Customer Journey. Plan your strategy, create content and set up your workflow in a few simple steps. You will create a real conversion funnel that will allow you to enrich your database with qualified contacts, thanks to targeted communications that will be automatically distributed at time intervals defined according to your needs.

Complete integration and ease of use

Each ADA tool, from Landing to StoryTelling, from ChatBot to MovieTelling, can be integrated into your Marketing Automation workflows, to guarantee the highest conversion rate of your marketing initiatives. Leads are acquired starting from a content campaign, enriched through an automatically distributed Content Marketing strategy and, finally, qualified through the Lead Scoring system which attributes quality scores to each action and behavior.

Imagine your daily work, wouldn't automating the marketing campaign processes help?

Do you want a concrete example?

Sector: Automotive

Objective: Lead Generation

A car dealership decides to take advantage of the presentation of the latest sports sedan model to acquire new Leads and thus expand its database. The aim is to obtain the data of potential new customers by offering in exchange the possibility of exclusively booking a test drive of the new car and, for this purpose, the owner of the dealership plans a Marketing Automation strategy. Everything is created and managed using the ADA platform, which allows you to send the user who has performed a certain action, a specific communication, also establishing the time interval between one send and another. On the dealer's Facebook page, a post is sponsored which introduces the new car and offers the opportunity to drive it exclusively, indicating the pre-set date for the test.The link of a Landing Lead is integrated into the post in which the user is invited to fill in the form to be contacted and receive details of the test drive booking.


After completing the form, a thank you SMS will be sent for releasing the data, with a link inside to a Landing Promotion. The latter will describe the new car and confirm the test drive reservation indicating the details.

Event: filling in the form.

Action: sending SMS with Landing Promotion.

Time: 15 sec. after filling out the form.


15 days after clicking on the Landing Promotion link (therefore after a certain number of days from the test drive) an SMS will be sent containing a link to a Landing Survey asking the user to evaluate the car and indicate his satisfaction with the service offered.

Event: SMS opening.

Action: sending SMS with Landing Survey.

Time: 15 days after SMS opening.


Following the completion of the Landing Survey, the user will be sent a thank you SMS in which he is invited to follow the dealership on social channels. in this way the user can take advantage of future initiatives or promotions or go to the office to request a quote.

Event: Landing Survey compilation.

Action: send thank you SMS.

Time: 15 sec. after compiling the survey.

ADA Marketing Automation allows you to automate communication processes, optimizing interaction times with the public and reducing that dedicated to boring and repetitive activities. You will discover that the efficiency of marketing campaigns and the profiling of Leads can be improved thanks to automatic workflows, capable of reducing human error in the management of activities and of reducing the costs of each campaign.


Create lasting and profitable relationships

Today people have greater power in purchasing choices and it is essential for companies to maintain the confidence that has pushed customers to choose them over the competition.

Automatically loyal customers

Reduce the time and resources dedicated to Lead Nurturing activities thanks to fully automated communication flows. With ADA Marketing Automation's intelligent workflows, each customer is reached by personalized communications, sent automatically at the most appropriate time. With a single tool you can acquire new Leads starting from a content campaign, convert them into customers with dedicated promotions and enrich the relationship with them through an automatically distributed Content Marketing strategy.

Make each relationship unique

To take care of the relationship with customers it is necessary to analyze their behavior, know their needs and communicate in a targeted way but without being intrusive, trying to offer the best solution to their problems. This is possible thanks to the advanced Lead Scoring and Analytics systems that allow you to enrich each customer's profile from time to time, up to creating a perfect identikit.

With a single platform you generate Engagement, convert Leads into customers and keep the relationship you have established with them alive over time. For example, you can attract the attention of potential customers with a video sponsored on Facebook and, subsequently, reach them with a communication aimed at purchasing. The relationship between your company and new customers has begun. To keep the relationship alive with them, you can set up a Marketing Automation workflow and periodically send a promotion, an offer, or simply a communication to show the customer that you are always present for him. In a few simple steps you will have planned a Lead Nurturing campaign and ADA will carry it forward over.

To nurture the relationship started with the purchase it is important to always be present in the consumer's life. This is why ADA provides marketers with a series of tools to create engagement and retain customers, through personalized and multi-channel communication campaigns. Create engaging content with editors for the creation of Landing Pages, StoryTelling and vertical videos (MovieTelling) and distribute them through SMS and Email campaigns or using Social Networks and Virtual Assistants (ChatBot). All using a single platform, in which all the tools are integrated with each other to guarantee maximum efficiency and the highest loyalty rate.


High quality online shopping experiences

The main rule of when selling a product or service is to put yourself in the potential customer's shoes. Understanding what he needs, what his interests and habits are is fundamental to offering a perfect service.

Take advantage of each channel , both online and offline

The Customer Journey begins when the customer feels he has to satisfy his need with a good or service and ends with the purchase of the same. During this journey, the future customer goes through several touchpoints, both online and offline. With ADA you can be present in every phase of the Customer Journey. Reach consumers directly in the store or other physical locations with WiFi-Spot and Opt-in Tool systems. Use the Mobile channel to send SMS and Email, or communicate with them on Social Networks or through a ChatBot.

Tools designed for mobile commerce

To offer each customer the best shopping experience, it is important to guide them along their entire path and simplify each process that leads them to choose a product or service. If people use smartphones to search for information, compare prices, and read reviews, why should they change devices to complete their purchase? With ADA Landing Deal, Landing mFlayer and Landing Booking, you can promote and sell your products, create a digital flyer and make it easier to manage reservations for a service. Any content can be distributed on different communication channels and inserted in an automatic flow that simplifies the work of the marketer and optimizes the management of the campaign.

Perfect integration

You can draw customers' attention to a product or service by promoting it with a sponsored Landing Promotion on Facebook. Automatically send an SMS with an embedded link that refers to a vertical video (MovieTelling) with which you can describe your offer with images and music. And finally to complete the purchase through a Landing Deal, directly on the device that customers used to open previous communications. Do you also want to offer a 24/7 active assistance service? ADA ChatBot will be able to answer any questions about your business at any time and in turn distribute other content to retain customer loyalty

Today, more than 70% of the time spent online by people is from Mobile. Consumers use their smartphone to search for information on products and services, compare prices and reviews from other customers on social networks or forums. Why should they change devices to conclude the purchase process? With ADA you can manage the entire Customer Journey from one place. From when the consumer is interested in what you have to offer him, to the moment he decides to buy your product or use your service. Landing Page, StoryTelling, vertical videos (MovieTelling) and ChatBot are the ideal tools to present products and services and allow users to purchase them directly from their smartphone, simply and securely.


The new frontier of Customer Service

The value that people attach to a brand depends on many factors. Product quality, service reliability and purchase price play a fundamental role, but the ability to offer excellent after-sales service is equally essential to create a lasting relationship of trust.

One-to-One interaction with thousands of people

The strength of ChatBots lies in the automation of all their activities and in providing assistance to a large number of users simultaneously. ChatBots created with ADA go beyond simple conversation, because they allow you to acquire detailed information about users and send personalized content as an answer to the questions asked. A video tutorial made with MovieTelling or a short instruction manual in the form of StoryTelling, represent an innovative way to offer an excellent customer service experience.

The Customer Relationship Management boosted by the AI

Attention to customers and the ability to establish a lasting and profitable relationship with them are fundamental elements for each brand. The company - customer relationship does not end with the purchase of the product or service, but is built and perfected every day through personalized content that can be sent to each user automatically. ADA's artificial intelligence systems, by interpreting large quantities of data and translating them into information of value to the company, increase the ability of marketers to offer the most suitable content and at the most appropriate time.

ADA ChatBot for Customer Support

Objective: to stand out from competitors by offering a 24/7 active customer service

One of the main problems of those who manage a car dealership is being able to respond promptly to all potential customers who request information and then evaluate the purchase. The owner of the dealership therefore decides to use a Virtual Assistant, to be sure that no prospect should wait to receive an answer and not to weigh on the work of the sellers.

ChatBot to provide information about the cars

StoryTelling / MovieTelling for car presentation

Landing for offers / booking test drive / survey

Marketing Automation for sending subsequent communications to lead compilation


Make each phase of the customer journey unique

An effective marketing strategy must be able to offer contact experiences designed on people's needs, through content campaigns capable of accompanying the user at all times of his "journey": from initial engagement to repurchase.

Measure and understand the behavior of your customers

Whenever a user comes into contact with content created and distributed with ADA, the platform will be able to acquire personal and behavioral data on his account. The result will be a unique and complete view of each client's habits and how they interact with a Landing Page, a StoryTelling, a Mobile-Friendly Email, a ChatBot or a vertical video. In addition, ADA interprets and organizes user data in real time through a system that automatically assigns quality scores for each individual interaction with the content distributed. The Lead Scoring algorithm will allow you to determine which company contacts are ready to be involved in the sales process and which, however, still need stimulation and contact actions.

Profile and personalize your mobile communication

Thanks to the analysis of the acquired data you can create personalized marketing campaigns based on the profile traced for each user. Focusing only on contacts that can grow the business and communicate based on their real expectations, means taking targeted marketing actions using information. precise. Tracking the quality score over time will help you make continuous improvements to your campaigns and make them even more impactful for individual groups of users.

With ADA you can collect valuable information about users and profile them in detail, in order to differentiate the offer according to their needs. Each platform tool has been designed to attract users' attention, convert them into customers and nurture the relationship established with them. Tracking information, assigning quality scores and careful profiling are the solutions that ADA makes available to marketers to achieve the goal that each brand has set itself: to have a database made up of only qualified leads.