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The right solution for every need

Promote your business, convert simple visitors into qualified users, know the opinions of your customers, sell directly from smartphones? With ADA you will discover that a Landing Page is the ideal tool to achieve these goals and communicate quickly.
Discover the complete Mobile Landing Page Suite designed to grow your business.

Landing Promotion

A simple and innovative way to promote your business

This flexible promotion tool allows you to build a solid relationship with customers, and it will soon become an indispensable tool to achieve the objectives of your advertising strategies. Create a campaign through a few simple steps: prepare your message, insert images and choose the "Call to action" that your customers need. You can invite visitors to discover a new product or service, take advantage of maps to guide customers to your business or simply have them display your promotional video.

Landing Lead

Convert your users into qualified profiles

Those who deal with Marketing know it: a qualified contact - Lead - is a truly precious asset! This is why we thought of transforming a need into an opportunity. Landing Lead allows, without the need to write a line of code, to configure forms and acquire data and information on potential customers directly from mobile. So, for example, to collect adhesions to a Test Drive you only need a mobile optimized Landing and a short-link SMS. Simple for the user, much more profitable for the dealer.

Landing Social Coupon

Exploit the potential of Social Communication

Social networks are today one of the main communication and promotion channels. With Landing Social Coupon you can grow your business with Social Media Marketing. Create your Landing, publish the short-link on your Social channels as a post. A dedicated form will allow you to acquire and profile your contacts. The release of a digital coupon, in the form of an SMS, represents the right reward for users who leave the data.

Landing Survey

Know the opinion of your customers, via Mobile

Knowing the opinion of your customers or discovering their degree of satisfaction thanks to surveys and questionnaires accessible from smartphones is truly an exceptional opportunity. With Landing Survey, creating, managing and publishing questionnaires or surveys optimized for mobile becomes child's play. In addition, the graphical display of the results will allow you, immediately at a glance, to obtain immediate feedback on the preferences of your users.
The release of a digital coupon is the reward for the collaboration of users who have left their data.

Landing Dynamic Survey

Targeted surveys, for better decisions

Dynamic Survey is the Landing with which to create, in total autonomy, surveys and personalized surveys thanks to targeted questions and paths that vary based on user responses. With its advanced features, Dynamic Survey allows you to change the sequence of questions and orient subsequent ones according to the real preferences of users. In this way, you can increase the completion rates of your initiatives, ensure the feedback you are looking for and acquire accurate information with which to make better decisions.

Landing Booking

Opportunities to be taken immediately

Landing Booking perfectly integrates the physical and online experience. Create your offer with the main information on the product or service on offer and establish the price and term of validity of the reservations to be collected directly via Smartphone. An alert system will notify the reservations collected on the Landing via email, making it easier to manage. You can also make the proposal more attractive with a promotional price and transform the proposal from booking into real sale.
Transactions guaranteed by paypal

Landing Deal

Sell and cash in one touch

Customers who have a smartphone increase more and more and appreciate the convenience of shopping, in any place and situation.
With Landing Deal, mobile shopping becomes fast, convenient and safe, for you and your customers. Create your flash offer, enter the main product information, the validity time of the offer and the price. The customer receives the message, connects to the Landing and purchases safely from his device.
Transactions executed by Paypal.

MFlyer Landing

Make your promotions known via smartphone

Landing mFlyer is the evolution of the classic flyer with the possibility of selling your promotion directly from a smartphone. With mFlyer you can independently create and publish virtual catalogs and promotional flyers optimized for mobile devices. At the speed of a touch, inform your customers and invite them to buy and collect the product at the store.
Transactions executed by Paypal

Landing Donation

A precious gesture of solidarity

In addition to the solidarity SMS, with Landing Donation you can manage campaigns to raise funds in support of Associations, Bodies / Organizations and political candidates. You can independently establish the amount of the donation or, with the form, free donation, leave the amount to be donated to the generosity of the users.
Transactions guaranteed by Paypal.

Mobile Email Marketing

A smartphone can function as an always-open mailbox, which can be checked at any time and from anywhere. This fact provides a powerful marketing opportunity for brands and that is why we created UpperMail: an innovative application that, in addition to streamlining the process of writing and sending emails, also tracks the results of marketing campaigns sent through of the email.

Content that builds relationships and loyalty

A smartphone can function as an always-open mailbox, which can be checked at any time and from anywhere. This fact provides a powerful marketing opportunity for brands and that is why we created UpperMail: an innovative application that, in addition to streamlining the process of writing and sending emails, also tracks the results of marketing campaigns sent through of the email.

High readability and intelligibility on mobile devices

Whether through an image, a featured title, persuasive text or a "Call to action", the important thing is not to force the user to scroll down to get their message. The essential feature of any mobile email system is that the message can be understood at its first reading, or at first glance. If this goal is achieved, it will make a good impression on the recipient's mind.

Unleash your creativity

The "drag and drop" function allows you to choose between multiple objects that allow you to create an email tailored to your needs and interests. By working without any of the typical restrictions of preset templates, you can simply drag objects into the body of the email, combine texts, images and videos and, with a few simple steps, you can create a perfectly designed Newsletter.


Talk to convert

The chatbot of ADA guide your customers during the buying process in real time, while providing useful answers to all questions that may arise by providing her life in general. Users raise their doubts, and the chatbot does the rest . The result is greater user satisfaction and a better overall experience.


Choose the name and gender of your assistant (male or female voice), select the language of conversation , upload the avatar you want and customize the colors and logo of your Chatbot

Progressive content

Upload a repertoire of questions and answers , and update it as you need in real time. You can add new content when the chatbot runs out of available responses, thereby expanding its knowledge base

Semantic analysis

You can monitor the most relevant questions and answers , even for complex or ambiguous requests .

Multimedia content

You can enrich textual responses with images , videos, and links to external websites .

Timed questions

Depending on your needs , whether for promotional purposes or special offers , you can set the time limit for a question to remain visible

CTA (Call To Action) system

Make the most of the integration and distribution of all content of ADA: Mobile Landing Page , Storytelling Mobile and MovieTelling Mobile , and through its e - mail services optimized for mobile devices .

Messaging application interface

You can integrate the chatbot with Facebook Messenger , Telegram and other leading messaging applications.

Optimized for mobile

Get the most out of perfect interface optimization for mobile devices. Take a mobile-friendly interaction-based approach

Text to speech

Use the chatbot's text- to-speech converter , which can read messages out loud and save them for later listening.

Helpful Automated Tips

The chatbot automatically suggests possible ways for a conversation to flow and allows you to follow the dialogue by pressing a single button


The chatbot reactivates conversations with users who have stopped interacting with it and who have not yet closed the chat window through customizable questions.


Analyze all the data obtained to measure the impact of chats on interaction rates.

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, a chatbot does not force the user to install other applications or open new accounts. A chatbot gives simple, direct and exhaustive answers to your clients' queries .


Semantic content that creates relationships and converts

Take advantage of Social Media to get to know your customers, acquire new ones and involve them in the communication process with your brand: today with ADA Social Content you can manage your presence on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr from a single point thanks to an innovative and complete tool with all the features.

You optimize time and resources

An in-depth analysis of the contents allows the semantic engine of ADA Social Content to extract syntactic-semantic relationships between words and concepts present in the contents. ADA Social Content selects the most relevant content for your brand by drawing from thousands of web sources, posts, profiles and Facebook pages, videos and images giving you a constant flow of suggestions that you can manage and publish, automatically, characterizing them based on the characteristics of each soc

Integrate high conversion content

With ADA Social Content take advantage of the integration with other tools and content present in ADA (Landing Page, StoryTelling and ChatBot) to involve and create engagement through Social.

Manage the approval of your content

Have you created a content plan for your customer and want it to be approved? With ADA Social Content it becomes a very simple procedure. Automatically ADA will send an email to your customer with a summary of the scheduled contents that can be approved or modified.

Integrate high conversion content

With ADA Social Content take advantage of the integration with other tools and content present in ADA (Landing Page, StoryTelling and ChatBot) to involve and create engagement through Social.

Make better decisions

Measure the effectiveness of your content on social media, thanks to dashboards that give meaning to your data in seconds. You will also be able to discover the current trends, check the publication trend of the posts, the number of comments and likes obtained, the value of the sentiment and the emotions generated on your audience.

A semantic engine searches for you, with consistency and precision, the best and most relevant contents, selects and organizes them, schedules their publication and guides you, with clear and timely reports, in verifying how effective your communication is.


A personalized narration produces excellent results.

Nothing beats video for incisive visual communication. Video has the power to evoke an emotional response capable of transforming storytelling into an engaging and engaging user experience. Transmitting your brand through a combination of images, words and music, which are easily and automatically reproduced on a Smartphone, is the best way to capture the attention of your customers and establish lasting and productive relationships with them.

Promote your business in a simple and innovative way

With the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function, two different items can be displayed at the same time on the screen of your mobile device without losing usability. Video playback can be reduced and displayed at the bottom right of the screen. CTAs can be inserted anywhere in the video and can be accessed by the user without the need to stop playback.

Insert MovieTelling

The insert function allows you to seamlessly convert your MovieTelling story to a website or blog.
To export a video to another platform, simply copy the code from MovieTelling, choose the size of the insert area and paste the code on the landing page.

MovieTelling is a visual editor, based on ADA, created to create, manage and share high definition video stories adapted for smartphones, the ideal means to generate authentic multimedia experiences. MovieTelling is an innovative visual marketing tool that takes full advantage of the potential of videos to generate interaction with the audience.

It gives you the power to combine multimedia and text elements into a single content for your desired audience. Capture the attention of your customers, evoke their emotions and motivate them to create a close bond with your brand.


Happy ending stories

Each story has its happy ending. With the StoryTelling Mobile module, you can personalize your marketing campaigns by creating digital stories that encourage customers to use your "Call to action" and thus obtain conversions. Depending on your goals, your stories may include one or more "Call to Action" (CTA), such as a form to acquire data, a survey, a questionnaire or an online sales landing page.

A Call to Action for each objective

Simple to create and uniquely designed, StoryTelling modules guide users to the desired goal, improving the conversion rate of your campaigns. Depending on the objectives of your campaign, you can choose to insert one or more CTAs in your StoryTelling module.

Promote your content


The "Promotion" tool helps you create a solid relationship with your customers, as well as being a useful ally to gain visibility for your campaign. Create your StoryTelling module in a few simple steps: prepare your message, insert images and choose which "Call to Action" are necessary to achieve your goals. You can encourage users to contact your store directly, exploit the potential of maps to guide them to your business, or show them your latest promotional video.

Convert and profile

Lead Coupon

With the Lead Coupon template, you can create forms and acquire data and information about your potential clients through mobile devices. For example, you can encourage people to try a new car by presenting the model in a digital book that they can flip through on their Smartphone. A very useful solution for both the potential customer and the car dealer. Users who have left their data will be rewarded with a digital coupon.

Know your users

Survey Coupon

With the Survey Coupon template, you can create questionnaires and surveys enabled for Smartphones and find out what your customers think or measure their degree of satisfaction. Collecting, managing and publishing questionnaires or surveys optimized for mobile devices becomes a simple and fast task. With all the results captured in graphical form, just take a look to understand the comments and preferences of the users. Those users who leave their data or opinions are rewarded with a digital coupon.

Sales tools


Customers love the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere, anytime, and increasingly do so through their SmartPhone. The Deal template makes mobile shopping fast, convenient and secure for both you and your customers. Create your story, add an offer that your customers cannot miss along with the most relevant specifications, terms, conditions, validity period and price. Your customers receive a message, connect to the StoryTelling page and make a secure purchase from their device. Transactions are guaranteed by PayPal.

The Mobile StoryTelling tool gives you complete freedom to create campaigns based on visual stories that can be distributed online, through social networks or directly through the short message service (SMS).