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SMS Ads is an innovative way of sending text messages that combines the economic advantages of the pay-per-click system, together with the characteristics that make text messages one of the most efficient and effective communication channels. ADA is the only platform that allows you to create, distribute and measure the impact of your campaign through one place. With SMS Marketing , you only pay when you get results, in addition to always having control over spending. Do you need to send mass emails linked to external media? Then you should use our SMS Top from the ADA platform.

Why pay for an unreached audience?

With ADA, text messages (SMS) offer a secure means to get measurable results directly via mobile. SMS Ads eliminates the fixed costs of sending text messages. This means that you can budget your campaign delivery based on actual clicks instead of total shipments. In short, send text messages for free and pay only for those who have generated a conversion.

How is it done?

ADA runs technologically advanced metric analytics to help you monitor the customer journey from mobile devices. Monitors the behavior of each client, assigns a rating according to the level of customer interaction with the brand and personalizes each communication according to the customer's profile. With features like these, ADA gives you the opportunity to use a revolutionary text messaging system that charges for measurable results instead of charging for sending volume.

Cost evaluation

The system automatically calculates the minimum and maximum cost of your SMS campaign.

Nice job

This is the threshold where the number of open links is counted, but they are not paid.

Advanced analysis

Detailed data to help you maximize return (ROI).

Marketing automation

Integration of SMS Ads in automatic workflows.

SMS Landing Page
SMS Landing Page

You can still send text messages the old-fashioned way. You only have to use the ADA tool as usual, then you only have to send the messages through a provider that charges by volume of shipment, regardless of the response level. Thanks to its exceptional multiplatform potential, ADA allows you to integrate a wide range of elements and complements to your text message, such as links to Landing Pages , MovieTellings , Storytellings , Chatbots , among others. Why limit yourself to 160 characters when you can create a traditional SMS with additional content?

160 characters are very limited?

ADA has managed to resolve this issue. The platform includes an innovative web application for sending SMS in batches or individually, directly from any PC, Tablet or SmartPhpone connected to ADA. Without installing any additional software, you can broadcast content with the speed and simplicity of a text message by inserting short links in it that redirect the user to Mobile Landing Page or SortyTelling Mobile content. Your text message will become an interactive element.

Send more than 160 characters in an SMS

An SMS Marketing campaign has the following great advantages: short but effective communication, low costs and high opening rates. But what if 160 characters is not enough to attract your customers the way you want?

Call to Action redirected

ADA is a very flexible mobile marketing tool that can perfectly adapt to your communication needs thanks to its wide range of multimedia elements (images, videos, maps, etc.). You can invite users to discover a product or service, or encourage them to leave their personal information to try a new service. Once users receive the SMS, they will be redirected to a Landing Page or a Mobile StoryTelling, where they can perform various actions depending on how you have designed and created these tools.

Choose from a wide range of Call to Action

One of the easiest ways to increase the conversion rate of your campaigns is by optimizing the Call to Action (CTA) that you present to your users. You can choose from several dynamic CTAs that can turn a visit into a potential customer.

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UpperMail allows you to manage an email marketing campaign in a very simple way. Set your goal, select the recipient list and personalize each message down to the smallest detail to maximize its impact.


The preview function allows you to check how your Newsletter will be displayed on different devices and through different email clients or applications (Apple, Gmail, Outlook, etc.). This way, you can test and modify your campaign before sending it, reducing the risk of failed deliveries.

Antispam guarantee

The anti-spam test feature increases the quality of your email campaigns and guarantees better delivery rates. The analysis module, included in the platform, helps you understand the most important data generated during the sending of your campaigns, and makes UpperMail a perfect partner for successful email marketing.

Features that make the difference

Directed shipping

Thanks to the advanced profiling tool, you can select which contacts will receive a specific communicatio

Shipping test

Before committing to actual shipping, you can submit one or more tests to verify everything is working properly.

Pre-programmed campaigns

Schedule the optimal day and time for your campaign launch.

Summary function

Just before confirming the shipment, a useful summary will allow you to make a final review.

Start using it now and discover how to increase your income


When a potential customer clicks on an ad and ends up on a Landing Page or StoryTelling, the click is stored in the cookie. If the same user completes an action, such as filling out a form (Landing Lead), participating in a survey (Landing Survey) or making a purchase through their SmartPhone (Landing Deal and Landing mFlyer), the conversion tracker retrieves the information stored in the cookie.

Personalize and spread your campaigns through social networks

Communication through social networks helps your brand reach more customers and brings material benefits to your business. People interact through social networks: they use them to obtain information about products and services, to exchange opinions and information, and to share content. In the field of social media marketing, as elsewhere, content is king. ADA helps you personalize and share your content through social media.

Tailor-made user experience

Simplify the feedback procedure so that your clients, team members and other visits of interest can comment on your projects. Collect feedback on all your submitted projects in one place.

Knowing the success rate of a pay per click (PPC) campaign is vital to calculate the return on your advertising investment. The ADA Tracking Pixel module allows you to take advantage of Landing Pages to complement Facebook Ads and Google AdWords campaigns by inserting codes that continue to analyze your campaign conversions.