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Our email marketing campaigns, SMS, social content create sales with the highest growth, ADA the best marketing software in Europe, the results of the 2019 Gartner Inc. study.

An exclusive mix  that enhances your skills

An exclusive mix that enhances your skills

The All-in-One Platform for Mobile Marketing, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence solutions ,which contains all the tools necessary to create, distribute and measure engaging and performing communication campaigns.

Advanced technology available to everyone

A set of tools and strategies designed to create personalized and interactive contact experiences , which generate interest, involvement and conversion in each individual user , thanks to always relevant and relevant communications 

Everything you need.And beyond.

The combination of technology and methodology creates a unique mix that ensures concrete advantages for Agencies and Marketers .


your offer with innovative digital solutions in Mobile, Social and Artificial Intelligence


the results of communication campaigns thanks to a unique and winning working method


your recurring business and make your customers happy by measuring the return of each initiative


time and resources dedicated to marketing initiatives, through centralized management

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Communication professionals with a strong innovative spirit, thanks to ADA and Convergent Marketing® have improved their work and increased business development


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